Baby rescue elephant experiences love and freedom with Mom & Nanny

Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, under the guidance of Saengduean ‘Lek’ Chailert, has done its best to rescue elephants where they can enjoy the simple joys of life.

The sanctuary regularly shares regular updates about its new members. And also showcases videos of the residents at the shelter. Recently one of the clips about the elephant Mho Jae and her adorable baby Sa Ngae has gained significant popularity.

Elephants are treated with love and compassion at the sanctuary, dining on their favorite fruits, such as watermelon and bananas. Far from being confined to small enclosures, they can freely roam in their natural surroundings.

However, for the newcomers to the sanctuary, like Mho Jae and her calf, the process begins with a quarantine period to adapt to their new home. But they made an exception for Mho Jae and Sa Ngae as they received an unexpected visitor – Sook Sai.

A fellow rescued elephant was eager to take on the nanny role to the young Sa Ngae. Despite their initial wariness, the bond between them quickly grew. We see the three elephants venturing outside the quarantine area for the first time. Exploring the expansive grounds.

The trio’s newfound freedom is evident as they nurture their friendship. The simple pleasures of munching on watermelon snacks, foraging on dried leaves, and splashing water on a hot day brings them endless delight.

Not to be outdone by the adults, little Sa Ngae has an adventurous spirit. With an insatiable curiosity, he jumps into the water pool for a refreshing dip. As the skies suddenly open and rain falls, the trio wastes no time frolicking in the mud pit.

Covered in wet, cool mud, they enjoy themselves in the rain, feeling the freedom and happiness that was once denied to them. Seeing these three elephants free and happy will warm anyone’s heart.

We encourage you to watch the touching video of Mho Jae, Sa Ngae, and Sook Sai building their new life at Elephant Nature Park. Share it with your friends because their story will bring a smile to the face of the viewers.

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Baby rescue elephant experiences love and freedom with Mom & Nanny