Baby Rides His Toy Car, But Watch What The Dog Did With Him! WOW!

The following video shows a beautiful moment that a Mom shared with her two most precious babies: her own kid, named Oliver, and her puppy, Daisy, as they were all having a fun day outside, enjoying the precious time together. Oliver was playing with his Power Wheels car, and he decided to bring Daisy along for the ride! They were having the time of their lives, but I don’t think Mom expected what happened next!

You don’t have to worry for their safety, as Mom can control the speed and acceleration of the car with a controller. But she can’t control who gets behind the wheel! Take a close look in the video, and you will see that clever Oliver got Daisy to ride him around the yard. He sure knows how to get comfortable!

How many of us can say that they have their own dog as their personal driver? I sure can’t say so for myself! Daisy just got in the driver seat and figured out how the steering wheel works on her own. Of course, not having to worry about accelerating helps a lot, but the pup definitely has some talent for the wheel!

Watch this hilarious dog moment for yourself, it’s right below!

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