Baby Robin Approaches Gardener For Help — Then He Realized What The Little Bird Wanted

Many people are puzzled by New Jersey’s nickname: the Garden State. All kidding aside, it does a surprisingly good job living up to the nickname. In the video we’ve posted below, you’ll see a gardener in Green Brook, New Jersey prepare a meal for a new friend using nothing more than a pitchfork!

The American robin is ubiquitous: its range stretches all the way from Alaska to central Mexico! Adult robins are instantly recognizable by their bright red breasts while younger robins have a distinctive mottled plumage. Although they make good use of their senses of hearing and smell, robins generally locate their next meal by using their keen eyesight. Watch carefully and you’ll see a robin making its signature move: hopping a few steps and then looking around for something tasty. What robins are on the lookout for are nice, big, tender earthworms.

In the video posted below, you’ll see a hungry young robin join forces with a gardener who’s busy turning up earth with a pitchfork. The two of them quickly develop a symbiotic relationship: it’s as if the gardener is helping the little bird look for worms while the bird is helping the gardener by giving him encouragement. An especially cute thing is the way the gardener puts himself in the role of mother robin, showing the youngster how to find a tasty snack. He even drops a worm right into the bird’s eager beak! The gardener really gets into his new role, saying things like: “Look! Oh, come on, come on, come on! Over here! What a feast!” and teasing with, “What a lazy bum you are!” At one point, this bold young robin even accepts a ride on the pitchfork!

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