Baby Rugby The Bulldog Puppy Is Confused At His Newest Toy! LOL!

Meet little baby Rugby; he’s a puppy who is busy exploring the whole wide world around him. With his adorable naturally spiraling tail, and his scrunched up little face, this cute little guy is dealing with a pretty big problem!

The video begins with baby Rugby flumping around barking at a little ice cube. For whatever reason, this particular ice cube seems to be grumping him pretty badly, and when you watch his ferocious barks you’ll instantly see that he does not mess around!

Our favorite moment is at the :37 second mark when the ice cube slips under little Rugby’s tiny body. He seems horribly confused at that adorable moment and just can’t seem to find the cube no matter how hard he searches.

Why do you think little Rugby is so concerned with this particular ice cube? Have you ever seen a puppy do this before? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to find out why some puppies hate ice cubes so much!

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