Homeowner Sets Christmas Lights To Viral ‘Baby Shark’ Song —And We Can’t Look Away

Baby Shark Christmas LightsParents and grandparents of small children will be familiar with the new pop-culture craze sparked by the “Baby Shark” song. The uber-popular brand has stormed the market with books and toys, a clothing line and now, Christmas light displays. What next, you may ask.

The cute little tune has just a few catchy lines that repeat throughout the song, replacing each family member with the next, right up to the grand-parents getting a mention.  The bouncy melody and repetitive lyrics are perfect for the musical capabilities of little children and many a parent must have found themselves bopping along with the tune stuck in their head!

Baby Shark Christmas Lights

One family in Boerne, Texas have committed big-time to the “Baby Shark” song, with the home-owner, Beto Hinojosa, revealing that he has used 100,000 lights in a stunning Christmas lights display.

They have got lights wrapped around everywhere at the front of the house, from the two-story roof all the way down to the mailbox, with all manner of Christmas decorations lighting up.

The massive Christmas light display flashes in perfect synchronization with the lines from Pinkfong’s catchy little tune “Baby Shark”.

Watch the video of this amazing display, and you are sure to catch yourself bopping long, too.

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Homeowner Sets Christmas Lights To Viral \'Baby Shark\' Song —And We Can\'t Look Away