Baby And Shorkie “Talk” To Each Other In Living Room. I Adored Seeing The Two Of Them Interact.

One of the sweetest things to watch is a baby and a puppy together. There are SO many videos out there that have tons of views. Why not? People have bad days and need something to pick them up. Watch a video of a cute baby and a puppy interacting? Sure! It’ll put a smile back on their face in no time. So, the next time that you’ve had a rough time of it, just fire up this video here… you’ll have a grin in no time.

We see a baby and a puppy from a breed of dog known as a Shorkie. The description says that they are a hypo-allergenic breed of dog that loves children. Well, this pup sure does love this baby. The two of them are “talking”, with the puppy barking and then the baby babbling something back. They seem to understand each other. Neither of them seem even remotely nervous to be in each other’s presence.

The two of them are having quite the back-and-forth. The Shorkie also is not one to stay in the same spot, electing to roam all around the room. The baby, on the other hand, is still getting the hang of the whole crawling thing, so she stays pretty much put and waits for the puppy to get back into “talking” range. Both of them are having a blast, though. This was nearly six years ago, so I’m sure the baby’s mommy and daddy have shown the girl this video quite a few time.

For all we know, the baby and the Shorkie could be having heated debates about the nature of life. Either that or they are discussing crawling form. “Really? You like to lead with your left front leg and then your right? I’m the other way around. I’m a right-handed baby, so I want to lead with my dominant hand so that if I stumble, I’m ready to catch myself.” “Wow! I hadn’t thought of that. OK! I’m hungry…”

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