“Look How This Baby Cracks Up Completely After Getting Her Shots. Adorable!!”

Nobody likes getting shots. Not people. Not cats. Not dogs. Not babies. Especially babies! now how babies start crying when they get shots, no matter how happy and bubbly they are the other time. They can break heck when they see needles coming out.

The “awwww, such a cute baby” turns into “OMG” in no time. But you will be shocked when you see how this doctor did his job. And he did it well.

The baby kept laughing through the whole process. Unbelievable? See it to believe it. He did his job and the baby did not feel the pain also. Amazing, isn’t it? I am sure you will take your junior to him to save yourself the ruckus.

He made the impossible possible and without any added labor. We have a lot of learning to do. HONESTLY!! Comment below and let us know how you felt about the sheer brilliance of the pediatrician. https://youtu.be/MOOxpT9q2mo