His Baby Sibling Was Nowhere To Be Seen. Now Watch When Dad Asks This Pit Bull To Find Her!

Pit bulls really are the most incredible dogs! They are among the cleverest and cutest breeds in the whole doggy world. But sadly, not everyone knows this and so instead they have got themselves a terrifying reputation.

People think that pit bulls are aggressive, but this is simply not true. It’s all about how they are brought up. If all they see around them is love and gentleness then that is what they will give back to their owners – in bucketfuls! It’s all about the owner… and we think this owner has got it just right.

This gorgeous and attentive dog is Diesel the Pit Bull. He’s a precious pooch with the sweetest nature. One of the best you will ever meet in your life. He is also extremely smart.

His owners have trained him to perform a very special task and don’t you think that he seems to understand every single word that his dad says to him? Look at those eyes as he takes everything in! Talk about being desperate to please!

Diesel just adores the task of searching for and finding the newest little addition to his family – his baby sibling Riley. And he is really gentle with the tiny kid when he finds him as well!

We hope that baby Riley never gets lost for real, nor anyone else in the family! But we also think it’s great that the family have Diesel to keep everyone in order and his sibling safe and sound. Who wouldn’t want a Diesel looking over them?

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