This baby sisters ‘talk’ with each other. Don’t miss what their dad recorded next! LOL!

Siblings share connections that just can’t be explained in words. And when their relationship starts before they’re even born, you know it has to be very deep, and special. Twins spend 9 months together before even getting in the world, and they have powerful bonds thanks to this. They can always understand each other, to the point of almost looking like they can read each other’s minds! It’s as if they had their own subtle language that only they know and understand. It’s a magical thing.

In the video that we brought to show you today, you will see two twin girls fresh out of the womb. Even though they’re so young and tiny, they seem to have a very special relationship already! The video was shot shortly after their birth, when they were hanging out in their crib. You can see them blabbering, trying to talk with each other, even if they hadn’t even learned any language at all! It’s so unreal, you have to see it for yourself.

You can watch this beautiful moment between siblings in the video shown below. Isn’t it just adorable? Share your thoughts and feelings with us, in the comment section under the video. We love to hear you out!