Tiny Baby Skunk Hilariously Follows This Man Everywhere

Skunks are adorable to look at if you can disregard the spraying and the smell. These mammals are well-known for their ability to spray a liquid with a strong odor when they think they are at risk, and it can harm a person’s eyes. The odor of this spray is something you wouldn’t really want to experience, and it is near impossible to get rid of. That is why many people go nuts when they encounter a skunk in their path. But the people in the video below are not bothered in the least by these skunks.

This man was out on a walk when he heard something in the grass behind him. When he looked back, he found out that he was being followed by a tiny baby skunk. The man was a bit concerned that the baby was alone and wasn’t sure what to do. Where was his mother? The man tried just to walk away, thinking nature would take its course the mother would find him, but the skunk started following him.


The little guy wouldn’t stop following him, so the man started petting him and even picked him up. How brave was he? After a little while, the man and his friend found the baby’s family, and courageously returned the little skunk to his family.

They said their goodbyes, relieved that they could return the little lost skunk to his mother, who knows how to take care of him. Watch this cute clip below. Who would have thought skunks could be that friendly?

Tiny Baby Skunk Hilariously Follows This Man Everywhere