Baby speaks to dad on phone, sweetly says “I miss you” in baby talk

Spending quality time with your child has become so much easier with the advent of technology. Now a mom or dad who is thousands of miles away can still talk with their loved ones with video conferencing software or even just a decent conversation on a cell phone. No more huge long distance bills either. Though no amount of money can replace the sheer adorableness of videos like this.

We see a baby girl in a onesie talking to her daddy, who is probably away on a business trip. It might be getting close to her bedtime and she misses him so she got this chance for a conversation. There’s only one problem… she can’t talk. Well, she can talk, but it’s all in hilarious baby babble. Then again, she’s more coherent than a certain orange-skinned politician.

What’s amazing is that this little baby girl has already grasped the fundamentals of holding a phone to her ear and where the proper place to speak into it. I think I was probably still a threat to chew on a telephone cord at her age. Maybe this is a sign of how technologically advanced she will become when she gets older. Who knows, she might be part of the next big breakthrough and this video was the first sign.

I can only imagine the conversation going on in this little baby girl’s mind. “Look. There’s only so much of the Teletubbies that I can watch. If I see those four chubby weirdos again, I’m going to barf. Also, don’t get me started on Barney. I can’t STAND that purple dinosaur. Mommy also needs to switch up the formula. This same bottled stuff is getting really old. I can’t wait until I can eat solid food…”

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