Baby Spends Several Days In Intensive Care. I Was Shocked At What Caused This To Happen.

Diseases scare me. I’ve been considered a hypochondriac for a long time – I did calm down for a while, but then the birth of my son made it come back. This time though, all the worry and fussing and research weren’t about things that I could have… instead, I worried about him. If I could have just put him in a sterile bubble until he had all his vaccinations, I would have. He’s older now and the worry has faded, slightly. It’s a good thing that I didn’t see this video when he was a baby…

It’s about a mother who had an acquaintance visit her and her little baby, Brooke. At the end of the visit, the acquaintance kissed Brooke goodbye, on the mouth. The problem was, she had a cold sore on her mouth. That gave the little baby herpes. This is an annoying enough condition to have as an adult. For a baby with a undeveloped immune system, it can be nearly deadly. She had to be rushed to intensive care.

Fortunately, the intensive care visit only lasted a couple of days… and Brooke is now fine. Hindsight is 20/20, but hopefully, Brooke’s mommy is much more stringent. I remember when my wife’s brother first came over to visit our son when he was born. I asked him to wash his hands before holding our son. It was quite possible that my wife was going to kill me then and there, but I wanted to be safe instead of sorry.

People are well-meaning, but I just find myself wanting to strangle some of them when they are around my kid and do something like cough in his vicinity without covering their faces. I don’t think a judge would convict me, right? OK, OK. I’ll just have to stare disapprovingly at them and be ready to give my son medicine if need be. It’s either that or I just crawl under a blanket and wait until he turns 18.

This was a scary but necessary video. Awareness is an important thing to share, so that diseases don’t spread. What do you think of the video? We’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Please “Like” us on Facebook, too.

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