Baby Started Laughing After Getting A Shot From That Doctor. I Wasn’t Expecting This Reaction!

I hate getting shots, as most of us do. Especially babies. They are not an exception to those who hate shots, and no wonder. It’s painful and they have no idea what’s happening to them. Though they may be energetic and zealous when it comes to other “baby things,” their overwhelming enthusiasm seem to die down the moment they get taken to a hospital or a clinic. It seems like they immediately become fussy.

Babies can make a ruckus and alarm an entire football field at the mere sight of a needle, so even parents get terrified of taking their kids to the hospital. But what if you have an awesome pediatrician that has your baby laughing through the whole ordeal? I’m sure you would like to give him a visit!

Even this baby’s dad is laughing at this doctor. He has a sort of magic routine he does before giving the shots that shows the baby that it isn’t going to hurt. He does lots of hand movements and gives himself a jab in each leg, fake, of course, like he’s going to do to the baby. So when he does it to the baby, this baby thinks it doesn’t hurt!

Before the baby can start crying, the doctor starts throwing tissues at him and he starts laughing again! Then he puts band aids on the little boy, and again, no fuss! He’s still laughing. Amazing. Dad looks very impressed too!

Watch this brilliant doctor that can make a baby laugh even when taking shots! Are you impressed by him? I was! Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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