Baby starts dancing to music while waiting for diaper change. I loved his moves so much.

Babies are so cute when they dance to music. We’ve seen some impressive videos on here, including one that danced to Beyonce. While some of them have the dance moves of Elaine Benes from “Seinfeld”, we give them credit because they are cute. But then there are some babies who seem to have come out of the womb with some incredible choreography embedded in their DNA. Like the one that we see in this video.

As an Irish Riverdance-style song plays in the background, a baby rests on his back and starts kicking his legs like he’s auditioning for a part in the show. He’s got the timing down pretty well, too, and he only flaps his arms occasionally. Very impressive. This could already be his audition video if he wants to become a professional dancer later on in life. “If you look closely, I’ve already mastered this step at the age of two months…”

This baby does seem to have the knack for the motions of Irish dancing, even lying down on a mat. The really impressive thing will be if he’s doing this while standing as a toddler. Then his mommy and daddy will know that they have a superstar on their hands. Still, this is a very good base to build on with the wee one. The next step is to have him watch “Riverdance” on repeat until he has it memorized.

There’s a very good chance that this actually doesn’t lead him on the path to dancing on stage in front of millions of people a year. He could wind up being, say… a baseball player or an engineer… who likes to dance in his free time. Dancing WILL play a part in his life… either as a hobby or a profession. The potential is already there. This video is several years old… he could already be in dance school for all we know…

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