When The Baby Starts To Get Fussy, This Cat’s Intervention Will Amaze You

Sometimes cats get a bad reputation for certain behaviors, and there are many families that decide to take their cats to a shelter when they decide to have a baby, thinking that the two won’t get along. But the amazing feline in this video could rival any nanny when it comes to comforting and caring for a baby.

Babies require constant care and attention. Even the best of parents find themselves at a loss sometimes as to how to comfort and calm their baby. Babies have a different way of communicating than older children or adults, so sometimes we just don’t know what’s wrong or what they need. We don’t know why they are being fussy. This combined with a lack of sleep can make a parent desparate to find a solution to stop their baby from crying.

This video shows an example of one of the best babysitters. This cute baby begins to get fussy, and the cat senses the baby needs comforting. So instead of the baby’s fussiness turning into a huge tantrum, the cat takes charge and his intervention calm the situation at just the right moment.

Surely this hero cat is going to be an amazing mother when she has kittens of her own. It’s almost as if she has a magic way about her and the baby instantly calms down.

Please share this cute video with all your friends and if you have a baby, maybe now is the time to get a kitty to help you out.