Baby Tries Avocado For Her First Time. Her Facial Expressions While Eating Are PRICELESS.

Babies can be incredibly fussy eaters. Once they have found one thing that they like, they tend to want to stick with it. Kind of like me and pizza. Getting them to try a new food can be quite a chore, but it can also be fun bonding time between mommy or daddy and child. Once you get past that initial resistance, the feeding can be relatively easy. Trying not to laugh when they make expressions like in this video… that’s much more difficult.

The first thing that sprang to mind was that it was like that compilation of babies trying lemons that I wrote about recently. This time it’s one baby and there’s a minute and a half of her having avocados for the first time, with increasingly disgusted (but hilarious) looks on her face. Her mommy is paying her no mind though, just putting the next spoonful in. It’s a remarkably clean meal for feeding a baby.

As the video progresses, she gets more and more upset that her mommy is forcing this on her. A couple of times she looks at the person filming this, who I presume is her daddy, like “Are you getting this torture on video?” She even starts trying to clamp her mouth shut with each successive spoonful. It’s all for naught, but she does look back at the camera at the end like, “Is there anything that tastes like pizza?”

This baby is going to grow up to be an actor of some sort, With a face capable of those expressions, anything else would be a shame. It’d be ironic if she went on to appear in avocado commercials later on in her life. Who knows, by then she might even grow to appreciate how they taste. Then again, I wouldn’t know, since I’ve never had an avocado and I never plan to. Hey, I can clamp my mouth shut tighter than a baby. Hey, what are you doing with that spoon?

Wasn’t this baby so adorable? I remember feeding my son in his high chair. Getting him to try new stuff was an adventure. Did this video bring back memories for you? Tell us all about them in the comments!

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