Baby Tries To Open Drawer While Brother Watches. I Cracked Up At The Little Pup.

One of the best combinations, beside peanut butter and jelly, is babies and puppies. Two of the sweetest things out there… and you don’t even have to worry about your blood sugar while watching videos of these two. Well, unless you’re gorging yourself on PB & J’s while doing that, but that’s not under my control. What I can do is show you this awesome compilation of little tykes and doggies.

The premise of this video is really simple: put a baby/toddler with a puppy and watch the magic that occurs when they meet. We see giggles, yips, licks, and yaps. This is a great video to watch if you’re having a bad day. The combination of cuteness is sure to chase away any bad mood that you might be mired in. It sure worked for me – I don’t even mind that the vacation that I’m on is coming to an end!

There are all kinds of puppies in this vide… small ones, big ones, and medium ones. They all adore the babies they are with. One of them even keeps scooting backwards to be closer to the baby. It looks like a husky. We also see puppies standing outside of playpens, wanting to play with the little guys in there. It’s a baby/pupfest! This one is from 2014, so I’m sure that there’s one from ’15 and that the one for ’16 will be out any day now.

All these videos were so darn cute… but after a bit, they started blending in together. That’s the problem with these types of videos. There’s only so many different ways to show a baby either lying on a puppy, having one lick their face, or even playfully tug on their clothes. Maybe it’s also because my son has been growing up with a cat and not a dog. Still, I didn’t mind watching the video, I think I’ll go do it again…

What is the cutest thing that has happened with your dog and your baby? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

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