“Baby Whisperer” pediatrician calms crying babies with unique technique

Pediatrician calms crying babies

Robert C Hamilton, MD, a renowned pediatrician in Santa Monica, California, is taking the internet by storm with a technique he has developed to calm crying babies.

He discusses the challenge that pediatricians face while taking care of the babies: to communicate clearly with the parents of the newborn babies. A lot of babies cry a lot during their visit to their pediatricians.

Dr. Robert Hamilton demonstrates a technique that he calls “The Hold” that can calm a crying baby instantly. Then, he goes to the consultation room where a few babies just have got their vaccine shots.

Pediatrician calms crying babies

The babies were crying loudly and needed to calm down. Dr. Hamilton picks up the crying baby in his arms. He folds the right arm along with his left arm together near the chest of the baby.

After that, he gently holds the diaper area and gently rocks the baby up and down, and comforts the little one. Then, he stirs the baby very gently. After that, he does the same procedure with the other babies, and the result is fantastic.

The baby stops crying and is pretty content. However, Dr. Hamilton advises the baby to be comforted at a 45-degree angle so that the person holding the baby does not lose control of the child.

Even the chin needs to be supported so that the head does not roll backward. This technique is a perfect way to calm crying babies and is one of the best ways to soothe young ones.

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