Baby’s first Christmas: for her parents, there’s a learning curve

Children can be absolute bundles of joy, brightening everyone’s day and creating memories that will always be cherished. But inevitably, there are times when children cause there parents some stress. The holiday season can certainly be one of them.

One couple with an adorable baby girl learned the hard way that babies can cause a lot of trouble around Christmastime. Their clever little girl got busy with the business of being a curious and energetic baby. Her parents made a charming little video to document their experience of Christmas with a baby in the house. We’ve posted it for you below. If you’re a parent, you probably learned everything they had to, and maybe more.

Their little one starts by yanking candy canes and ornaments off the tree. At first mom gently takes them from her and puts them back on the tree, but mom soon learns this is futile, and removes all the ornaments from the lower half of the tree (cat owners often have to resort to the same desperate measure). Of course, the baby still has pine needles and Christmas lights to play with! Then it’s off to the mall to visit Saint Nick and yes, there’s plenty of crying. For her next trick, the baby girl makes a complete mess of the nativity scene her parents so carefully set up.

Finally, it’s Christmas eve. Everyone is wearing their elf pajamas and it’s time for bed. The little girl just won’t go to sleep and eventually she and her parents end up collapsed in a pile. The baby gets up at 5:13 in the morning and heads out to the living room. She gets into Santa’s milk and cookies with predictable results and that’s just the beginning. Her bleary-eyed parents drag themselves out to the living room and are greeting by chaos, including a horizontal tree.

It’s hard to get angry with a baby this cute, however mischievous she may be. Have any good stories of your own? Let’s hear ’em in the comments at Facebook and be sure to like and share!