This Baby’s Reaction To My Mother’s Singing Made My Heart Melt

One of the most searched video categories is baby videos. There is something about a baby’s laugh. Babies make our hearts melt. Babies sleeping, babies laughing and babies being funny are some of the most beloved tags. You can’t help watching a baby video more than once. For the parents of these babies, it is something unforgettable. It fills our screens as much as it fills our hearts.

There is nothing like the love between a mother and her baby. They have a very special bond. This bond starts in the mother’s womb. As the baby grows the bond gets stronger. For a baby, mom is everything in the world. She takes care of the baby, provides for the baby and even entertains the baby.

There have been many videos on the Internet that display this unconditional love. One of the most heartwarming ones shows a mother from Portugal and her baby. The mother starts singing to the baby while the baby’s father records it. The baby is adorable and has a priceless look in his eyes. He is fixated at his mother as she sings for the baby.

The caption in the video reads, “Who can resist a look of love like that?” You can see the baby’s love for his mother. He is holding his chin with his tiny hands. The precious baby boy stares into his mother’s eyes showing contentment and love. This video has been viewed and shared by millions of people. You cannot help but think of the love you have for your own mother.

People have posted their comments on this video. One comment reads, “The baby is looking at her mom like, ‘mom do you know you’re the best mom in the world’?”. Another comment reads, “I’m in cuteness overload! I love the way that she’s holding her face staring into her mommy’s eyes! God bless them both!” The video has over 794,000 views and that number is growing by the day.

This is something you must see to understand. Love the most powerful force on earth. For mothers, this love stays with them all their children’s life. For a mother; her son or daughter will always be her baby. Even after they have children of their own. The love for them will continue to grow. Watching videos like these take me back to my childhood. It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling that we all enjoy.