Back In 1969 Elvis Took A Chance And Revamped His Career With Mega-Hit ‘Suspicious Minds’

It’s hard to imagine Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll ever having a slump in the middle of his career. He’s an iconic figure that has helped define the music industry across the board. But there was a time when all was not well in The King’s world.

Between January 1967 and May 1968, only two of Elvis’ eight released singles made it to the Top 40 chart, and he hadn’t seen a number one hit in the US since 1965. In 1968, he released a Comeback Special which was met with great acclaim. The King was back!

Not long after the Comeback Special, Elvis release single “Suspicious Minds”, which would fully put his career back in the swing of things.

Originally written and recorded in 1968 by songwriter Mark James, “Suspicious Minds” put Elvis back on the charts. Mark wrote the song about some troubles he was having with his wife, who harbored suspicions about Mark’s feelings for his childhood sweetheart. Mark’s version didn’t make many waves in the music community, but something about it appealed to Elvis.

The song was introduced to him by Don Cruise, producer Chips Moman’s partner, while Elvis was looking for a song to create a more mature sound for himself. Despite the song’s initial flop, Elvis heard starpower.

The King was right. When he released his version, “Suspicious Minds” hit number one in the charts and gave his career a very welcome burst of power.

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