She Had Her Back Facing The Contest Judges. Watch Her Legs As She Turns Around!

This amazing young dancer made judges in Russia’s equivalent of the series So You Think You Can Dance go crazy. She brought the Charleston dance all the way to the Ukraine and the 1920s dance became a 2015 hit!

At first, she sang a jazz song which did not seem to impress the judges compared to when she started her unforgettable dance. The change in reaction from the judges made it clear she had done something special.

Because we have seen the dance before it was really interesting to see the amazing reaction of the judges for whom it was a new phenomenon. Also, we had seen her do the dance before the turnaround, but seeing her do it again and the reaction it got from the judges, makes it look like a whole new experience for us too.

When one of the judges commented on her performance, it became clear why she had received the reaction she did from the judges – it was exactly what they were looking for and what other dancers kept missing in their performances.

Take a moment and watch it yourself. This is one of those moments that make you realize the judges are right to hold out for something special. You are definitely going to be left impressed.

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