Bailey The Beagle Shows Off His “Play Dead” Trick On National Tv! You Won’t Believe This Dog’s Skills!

Obedient dogs are always a sight to behold.  Behind every pooch that follows his master’s whims there is an unbreakable bond fed by the kindness and love of the human towards his dog. Teaching dogs to interact with you is a great way to give pups a sense of purpose and help them explore the world whilst improving their dexterity and intelligence skills. Keeping this in mind, the following story is extremely endearing!

Meet Bailey, the beagle. This is quite remarkable, not only is she absolutely cute – I must admit I find beagles extremely adorable – she’s also very talented. In fact, Bailey has a very specific set of skills that she loves showing off! She’s so good at it that David Letterman invited Bailey onto his nationally-televised show for the whole world to see.

My dogs both know how to play “play dead”, it’s a classic trick after all. However Bailey puts my dogs to shame, he takes this simple trick to a whole new level. Standing onstage with his owner, it’s so hilarious that it makes you wonder how Bailey and her owner came up with this trick. I am sure they must be a great party favorite amongst their friends!

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