This Bait Dog Was Bleeding In The Streets. Wait Until You See What THEY Do For Her!

Most of the people take Pit Bulls as dangerous breed. Sometimes even dog lovers don’t want to take a pit bull home. However, because of their size and strength they are mostly the victim of illegal dog fighting. These dogs are also chosen to be ‘bait’ dogs and are constantly and intensively abused. This video features a story of a poor dog named Precious, who was once a bait dog but was rescued later.

Rescuers from “Love That Dog, Hollywood” found Precious bleeding on the street. Instantly they brought Precious to the shelter and treated her. Precious was in a very poor condition; her ears were torn apart and wounds could be found in every part of her body. When rescuers first found her, they didn’t think that she would survive even a day. But Precious fought all odds and lived!

Watch this heartrending story in the video. What do you think about illegal dog fighting and how it should be stopped? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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