This Band Performs A Christmas Classic. Wait Till The Dogs Join In. Adorable!

Christmas is edging ever so closer and that means it’s already time for Christmas music to take over the airwaves and store speakers. While many love this festive mood, other times too much really becomes too much, especially when Christmas music begins to play right after Halloween, as if Thanksgiving has completely been erased.

No fear though! There is some respite among the replays of popular Christmas songs thanks to bands and musical artists trying out new takes on beloved oldies. Walk off the Earth, a Canadian band, famous for their cover songs and creative videos, has spiced up the Christmas classic, “Little Drummer Boy,” with some new rhythms. To help them make the song and video a success, they enlisted the help of a few adorable dogs who joyfully play along with them.

Enjoy this new version of an old favorite with the video below. Share your thoughts with us on the performance in the comments section.

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