BASE Jumper Saved By Kind Lady

BASE jumping is a sport where a person jumps off fixed objects such as buildings or cliffs using a parachute for safety. It is a somewhat risky sport, and one can sustain serious injuries or death from a jump gone wrong. Kody Koslowski could have been severely injured due to his miscalculated jump.

Kody decided to jump off a high building in Acapulco, Mexico, but he did not expect his jump to go wrong. He misjudged his jump and suddenly swerved towards another building, crashing in between two balconies of a nearby building. Luckily, as he was trying to clamber to the balcony above him, a miracle happened.

A lady in her late sixties comes onto her balcony. She sees him dangling and gestures to him to come onto her balcony. She grabs his hand and pulls him to safety onto her balcony. She then asks him, “Do you want a glass of water?” to which Kody says, “No, thank you,” looking out from her balcony. He later thanks the kind lady for saving his life.