Baxter Is a Therapy Dog, Comforting Others in Their Darkest Times! Wait, Why Didn’t He… OH!

There are many noted, zany, adorable, and persistent therapy animals who work day in and day out, existing mainly to make others feel at ease. Who gives overs the strength to confront the sincere possibility that time is running out. In the bad times, grab something fluffy and let it out.

Baxter has been a therapy dog for quite some time. The old’ pooch is 19 ½ when this was shot. He is gently pulled in on an adorable wagon cart, stuffed to the brim with pillows. When he gets rolled in, this is the first time most people realize- Baxter can’t walk. Not only that, but the use of his legs are pretty non-existent. Yet, this doesn’t stop him. He gets an assist from his caregiver up into the bed of his cuddle buddy for the following hour or so.

Through thick and thin this strong dog has persevered. Rain, sleet or snow this dog comes in and comforts mostly, sadly terminal cases. To brush against his warm fur, to receive all the loving’s from this cuddly dogs licks. These service animals really give all of themselves to the sole outcome of helping others, no matter how.

He deserves a medal or something extraordinary. That way it would match his unyieldingly good personality. I always get a few tears in my eyes when I read about dogs like Baxter. Just really puts some things in perspective. What did you think? If you got to cuddle with Baxter would you ever let, go? We’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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