Be A Kid This Christmas Like You Want To And Enjoy The Happiest, Holiest Holiday Ever

Hafod Hardware Christmas AdvertisementThis Hafod Hardware Christmas advert reminds us all to be a kid this Christmas. There is no other time of our lives that we are as open to the world’s joy, sharing experience after experience with eyes-wide-open and a willing heart. Not once does one’s time dwindle away when you’re that young, an appreciation which this story helps us rekindle.

A little boy heads to his family’s hardware store, learning the skills of his grandparent’s trade at a very young age without anything but eagerness and love. Through each of his actions, this kid shows us just how much happiness is hiding in everyday activities and interactions with others. Conjure up the child you once were to experience Christmas a-new!

Two-year-old Arthur Lewis Jones stars in this amazing Christmas Advert from Hafod Hardware. It’s precisely what we all need to remind us of the character traits that we’ve often lost touch with, and the gratitude the flows effortlessly when we are immersed in doing the things that we love, and spending time with others.