Be Aware of 19 Bogus COVID-19 Scams That Could Cost You

With the increase of panic during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, everyone is looking for something to keep them safe. Whether you’ve personally experienced COVID-19 or not, it’s crucial to know what is real and factual, and what is a scam.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where individuals and companies would prey on the vulnerable during times like these. Some things to be aware of that people have spotted are fake test kits, spam e-mails with fake stimulus checks, and more.

An influencer told his 2.4 million followers that he created a cure for the deadly disease. “This is the cure right here going into mass production,” Keith Middlebrook, 53, told his followers as he held up a syringe. “This is going to save the world!”

The FBI is stressing to be hyper-aware of anyone offering a cure or product that will keep them safe. There are even scammers going door to door selling useless test kits for $300 each. The video below talks more in-depth about all of the unique scams going on right now.