After A Beagle Defends The Farm, There’s A Hilarious Man-Dog Conversation

Dogs similar to beagles have been around for over 2,000 years, but the modern beagle dates back to the early 1800s. They were originally bred as hunting dogs and also to chase down rabbits on farms. Once the English aristocracy took up foxhunting, using the foxhound, the beagle’s role in formal hunts came to an end. Nevertheless, there are still working beagles today. A number of customs services use them as sniffer dogs. Not only are beagles good at this task, but their size and non-threatening appearance are less likely to cause problems for people who are afraid of dogs. But the vast majority of today’s beagles are family pets. They’re well suited for this role thanks to their even temperament, gentle nature, and tendency to get along well with children.

In the video we’ve posted below, you’ll see a cute “conversation” between a beagle and his human dad. It seems that this beagle was hanging around in the farmyard minding his own business when some coyotes burst out from some bushes, giving him a fright. However, the beagle didn’t turn tail and run. He pounced at the intruders, in effect telling them, “Go away! This isn’t your farm!” Afterward, dad had a little chat with him, asking questions like “Did you run like a baby or were you a tough guy?” You won’t want to miss this lovable dog’s “answers” to the questions.

Beagle lovers insist the breed has a “musical” voice. Not everyone agrees. These dogs can make a lot of noise, for example, singing along with sirens and barking at strangers. They can also get noisy if they’re bored or lonely. So remember: a busy beagle is a quiet beagle.

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