A Beagle Meets The Newest Member Of The Family For The First Time. He’s So Happy, I Can’t TAKE It!

Having babies and pets in the same house can be a little tricky, and when your baby is still young, you don’t want to run any risks whatsoever that might involve him. That’s why the couple who recorded this video decided to keep their dog and their newborn baby apart for some time after the baby’s arrival to the family. And then, after they agreed it had been enough waiting, they recorded the moment when this happy beagle gets what he’s waited for so long: To meet his little human friend!

Beagles are a very friendly breed of dogs, so it was only natural that he god excited to play with his little human friend. He seems to have waited for him forever! He rolls on the ground, crawls, and watches the baby excited, waiting to play with him. It’s very hard not to smile and laugh at something as cute as this. You have to watch it yourself!

Some people think that you shouldn’t let your dog and baby hang out, but as this beagle  has proven, along with many other dogs, that they are very safe and excellent babysitters.

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