Beagle Puppy Gets Taught How To Howl By His Human Friend. He’ll Make Your Heart MELT!

Just like how every person has their own way of speaking, every dog has their own particular style of barking and howling. These can be closely related to the dog’s breed, but also to their temper and character, because there are different kinds of barks for different purposes. For example, the terrier type of breeds are known for their quick, yappy barking; bigger breeds have deeper and longer barks, and of course, hound breeds have their characteristic howling. The video we brought to you today shows an example of a howling dog who is still learning. Just look how sweet he looks!

The puppy in the video is only learning how to howl by himself, still. Even though it’s more common in basset hounds and bloodhounds, beagles like him are also huge fans of howling, even if they’re politer and more domesticated. His name is Louie, and the clip was recorded by his owner, as he was trying to teach him how to howl himself. He looks adorable as he imitates his human friend!

Watch this cuteness overload below. Do you like beagles, or dogs that howl? Leave us your thoughts and opinions in the comments under the video!

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