Beagle Puppy Wants To Get Treat On Table. The Following Sequence Made Me Happy And Sad.

I always love puppies trying to get things. They look so cute jumping around on their little stubby legs. Many of them often don’t know the meaning of the word quit and will keep trying long after many sane people or animals would have given up. That determination is on express display in this video, though it seems like the effort and ingenuity of this little guy went for naught at first.

We see a beagle puppy named Ollie standing in front of a kiddie table. There’s a doggie treat on it and he’s determined to get. He jumps up quite a few times, but his pupply legs aren’t quite strong enough to propel him up onto the table. Charlie, an older beagle, watches with some interest on the other side of the table. Ollie is stumped. How is he going to get his wee little body up there? It’s not like Charlie is helping, either.

Finally, Ollie figures out that if he climbs up onto the chair, he can jump onto the table. Just as he does, we hear the “Titles” song from “Chariots of Fire”. He leaps in slow motion and gets the treat under his chin, but then he falls off the table and the treat lies there but closer to the edge. To add insult to injury, Charlie comes over to the table, sees that the treat is attainable and gobbles it up. As Homer Simpson says, “D’oh!”

If anyone’s upset about what happened to Ollie, rest assured that his mommy said that once she “stopped laughing”, she gave the puppy a treat. That would have been a harsh lesson, otherwise. Yeah, we know that life can occasionally – sometimes way more than that – be extremely unfair. This wasn’t a time for the little puppy to see that in action. He got some semblance of justice

I was glad Ollie got his treat. He deserved it. What did you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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