Beagle ‘Super Mom’ adopts 2 tiny rescued kittens

Beagle mom with 2 tiny rescued kittens

Are you still taken in by the dog and cat life? A young Beagle named Daisy is set to change your mindset forever about that as she appoints herself as a surrogate mom of two stunning kittens.

Like most great stories begin, this one likewise begins unprecedentedly. In England, Daisy is in her home, probably taking a nap when her owners decide to adopt a black kitten alongside an orange tabby cat.

Beagle mom with 2 tiny rescued kittens

The initial plan is to adopt the orange tabby cat. Still, this plan changes when they notice another kitten needing a home. Being good-natured, they scoop both kittens up and wonder how Daisy will react to the additions.

But they don’t have to worry for long. The sweet Beagle herself takes the kittens up, immediately bonds with them, and starts wagging her tail joyously at the new family.

Daisy’s ecstasy hits a climax when she starts producing milk to feed the kittens. Her owners say her mother’s instinct kicks in. As soon as she sees the kittens, even her nipples cannot hide the ecstasy.

Beagle mom with 2 tiny rescued kittens

The caring Beagle can be found curled up with her kittens. The kittens, in turn, snuggle up with their new mom to keep warm, feed, and be treated with love. They purr to show appreciation.

Now, if you’ve ever wondered how the dog and cat life story changes, Daisy the Beagle is the twist. The surrogate mom is somewhere now, ensuring that the dog and cat life remains within the family context.

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