Beagle walks up to crying baby in swing crib. My jaw hit the ground at what he did next.

A crying baby can be impossible to get to go to sleep. Parents can try rocking them, putting them in an automatic swing, burping them, giving them milk, changing their diaper, taking them for a drive in a car seat. It’s all guesswork since babies have no way of being able to tell you what is bothering them at the moment… well, a certain strong stench might be a hint. But it’s time to take decisive action like Charlie the dog, who we see in this video.

The video opens with a young baby girl named Olivia lying on her back in a crib swing. She looks like she’s maybe a month old. It’s apparent that she’s crying and it’s possible that she won’t stop doing that for another two days, minimum. Her mommy is surely at her wit’s end trying to stop the racket and get some rest herself in the meantime. Enter their beagle, Charlie, who comes and saves the day.

Charlie lifts a paw and gently rocks the swing, which calms Olivia down. He must have seen his mommy or daddy do the same thing and intuitively put two and two together. Olivia enjoys it a lot and Charlie is more than happy to oblige multiple times. The pooch even looks at the camera a couple of times like, “Look. See how I do it? This works. You should try doing it, Mommy and Daddy.”

Dogs can be a very clever bunch when they want to be. Yes, there may be times that they just stand there barking at a random doorbell, but they can also be quite empathetic and quick learners. It didn’t take long for this dog to figure out that rocking the swing helped quiet down the crying, which surely hurt his sensitive ears a lot. Now if he could be taught to go get a drink from a fridge….

What an incredible dog. Don’t you think so? I loved watching the video. Please tell us your opinions of it in the comments section below!