A bear cub who was illegally smuggled in a backpack has the coolest reaction to his new playground!

There are many animals that fall victims of crime rings that sell them to make a profit on the black market. At times, they are sold for their fur, tusks or any other part of their body that is deemed valuable for poachers. There are other times where they are sold as pets to people with a lot of money. When this happens, it’s up to officials and governments alike to make all the necessary arrangements to make it difficult for them to operate and eventually stop them.

This is the story of Murphy. He is a little bear who has had a very hectic life, but that he is now enjoying his new playground. Wait until you see just how excited he gets. I am sure this video will bring many laughs and delight to you, too. He got to his sanctuary when he was only six weeks old. The great people at Animals Asia Sanctuary stepped in and saved him from a life that was doomed to have a very dark ending.

His mother had fallen victim to a poacher who had murdered his mother. He did this in an attempt to smuggle him out of the country and sell him to a man who was waiting for him with a lot of money. The original plan was to put him in a backpack, and then smuggle him across the border of Vietnam and China. The little bear did not know, but he was probably heading to one of the new bear bile farms that have become very profitable.

These farms order buy bears and keep them confined in a very small cage. Their bile is then harvested to be used in modern medicine. Many governments are against this cruel practice because they do not only have the bears on those tight quarters but are forced to live their lives in that way forever. No roaming in the mountains or enjoying the scenery for these bears.

The officials got a lead that this smuggler was about to go through their customs and got to him before he could escape with the bear in his backpack. He was charged by local law enforcement for his terrible actions. The little bear became one of the youngest bears to ever reside at a sanctuary. When the bear was kidnapped, he was so young, that he had not even learned how to walk properly. He was given a second chance at this sanctuary and eventually learned how to walk after the first few days there. Like all small cubs, he became very curious about his pristine environment.

When he turned three months old, the cub was given a playground for himself. This playground is great for him on many levels. He has the chance to play on several structures. He can develop the skills that he will need for survival once the people release him back into the wild. Click on the video to see the entire story!