Freed After Years in A Tiny Cage, Tuffy the Bear Jumps for Joy in His Pool

When it comes to animals, we just adore everything about them. We go out of our way to learn as much as we can about them and love to watch their videos. In our culture, we are taught to respect animals and to admire them for what they contribute to the world.

While it is true that we love animals, we also know to respect them. We try to give them their space and not to invade their personal territory; that is not true of all cultures though.


For some cultures, animals are just animals, nothing special, just another source of food or of other materials that are needed to maintain a certain lifestyle. Many cultures use different body parts of certain animals, something that we don’t know much about in our culture. For example, bear bile is incredibly valuable and is highly sought after in other cultures. This is something very foreign to us, but still, it is something that is starting to cause problems for animals.

Bear bile is so sought after that there are bear bile farms. These farms keep bears in small cages, where they are never let out, and their bile is extracted from them while they are still alive, this is incredibly painful for them. This featured video below shows a bear who had been kept at one of these farms until he was rescued. You will see what it is like for him to finally be free; it is truly something incredible to watch.

Freed After Years in A Tiny Cage, Tuffy the Bear Jumps for Joy in His Pool