Bears dancing in the forest narrated by Sir David Attenborough

Adorable Bears dancing in the forest

The famous and wondrous voice of Sir David Attenborough narrates a scene of the wonderful wilderness teeming with life. The fields are covered with various colors of flowers, then his focus turns to the grizzly bears.

During the summer the bears take advantage of the lush vegetation, gorging on plants. An adult can get up to 180 kilos. If they are skilled enough they can also catch a mormont or two.

Since it is warmer the bears start to shed their coats. A mother bear shows her cubs how to get rid of all the excess fur by rubbing herself against the bark of a tree.

Adorable Bears dancing in the forest

Some trees are more suitable for rubbing and bears have their favorite trees that they will travel long distances just to visit. Attenborough mentions that some itches just have to be scratched.

Music starts playing as the big grizzly bear rubs her back against her favorite tree. The valley shown has 30 bears. Rubbing against the tree leaves their recognizable scent.

The tree carries a list of those who are around, helping all the bears keep away from fights. To really spread their scent they press themselves hard against the trees.

Summer is short and with the itches scratched they must eat, in a few months, they need to hibernate. It is important for them to put on as much weight as they can.

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