Bears Spend the Day Playing on North Carolina Resident’s Playground Equipment

What do you do when you are one tired mama with five kids on a sunny day? Go to the park, of course! This mama bear and her five cubs had the same idea; only the “park” was the backyard playground of an Asheville, NC resident.

The amused resident captured it all on camera. The mama bear stays in the background (and the shade) while the siblings chase one another and explore. They are having a fantastic time playing, venturing from the slide to the swings, and then the see-saw.

Suddenly, the bear siblings get annoyed with one another as three of them try and climb up the slide the wrong way (sound familiar…)! One of them goes climbing all over the swings, and the littlest two come out from behind the clubhouse base.

The two on the slide start shoving each other. The littlest ones begin to wrestle with one another as they squabble over the see-saw. Mom loses it and snaps at the one on the swings. That little bear then starts climbing like a monkey! Mom turns around and starts wandering off…The old, let’s go, or I am leaving you here trick! All us mom feel ya, mama bear.