Brutally honest salesman reveals genius way to beat the dealership

This car salesman (with a conscience) is 100% spot-on with what he is saying. As someone who has spent over 20 years in the new/used car business, I can safely assure you this video will save you money. I have no doubt. The only question is: HOW MUCH will you save? Knowing the price of the average car or truck these days, the amount of money you could pocket by watching this video could be THOUSANDS.

There is a lot to take in and like the old gambling/casino adage goes, “the house always wins”, but you can stack the odds in your favor with the secrets and tips revealed by this salesman. There’s so much information that I won’t reiterate it here, but let me also add my own experience before you dig into this incredibly useful video every new car buyer should watch BEFORE they buy.

If you learn anything from this video (and you might already know this, but then, this could be a game changer), first research car loans before you go to the dealership. All will give you the option to get pre-approved and it only takes a few minutes. I realize this sounds ridiculously simple, but first and easiest way to lose a lot of money when you buy a car is to not do your financial research, and that begins by shopping for CAR LOANS, not cars.

Keep in mind: You will be given the option of obtaining car financing through the dealership. ou don’t have to finance your car or truck through the dealership, however by buying getting pre-approved BEFORE you go to the dealership, you have armed yourself with powerful knowledge which will keep you in control, and that’s a big part of making sure you get the best deal: staying in control.

Keep your interest rate and maximum loan amount a secret from the dealership. I would recommend seeing what their best rate is before discounting them completely. You might find they can beat the bank, but most likely not. However, by at least trying you give yourself more opportunities to save more money and get the best deal.

Finally and this goes without saying (but few people take it seriously), review every single number, comma, digit, and speck of dust on your paperwork before you sign it. Believe it or not, the salesperson is the least of your worries. It’s the financing department you have to worry about. You will be isolated and made to feel completely out of control, so bring whatever “control devices” you need: books, snacks, electronic tablets, etc…. and be aware they probably have installed anti-wifi, so that’s why you should bring a book or a newspaper just in case. Let them know you are a fighter and you will get the best deal.

Also, one tip that is not included in this video that will work for anyone: When you finally decide to buy (remember, never buy on the first visit, go back at least 3 or 4 times before you finally commit): Bring a book with you! Seriously, on the day you are going to buy, PLAN on spending at least 4 to 5 hours at the dealership and go on the LAST day of the month. That is when sales quotas are the most important and dealerships will actually sell cars at a loss just to reach their monthly quota.

Even if you think you lack negotiating skills, you know how to wait, right? I have always gotten the best deals by going to a dealership 1 hour before it closes on the last day of the month. By taking up their time (and making them work past their “normal” hours), is the easiest car buying trick in the book.

Finally and this goes without saying (but few people take it seriously), review every single number, comma, digit, and speck of dust on your paperwork before you sign it. With all that being said as my own two-cents and without further ado, you must watch this video right now: