Beautiful black chicken gets excited when daddy comes home

Animals can show great love regardless of them being considered as traditional house pets. Just look at this fluffy pet chicken.

The love of an animal is a special kind of love most pet owners experience daily. And while when talking about lovable pets, dogs come to mind most often, this silkie chicken will show you that love knows no boundaries.

A kind-hearted chicken covered from beak to feet into a fluffy black plumage is patiently awaiting his dad right at the entrance, scouting the perimeter of the foyer, and preparing itself for the arrival of its papa.

Its name is Truffles, an adorable silkie chicken, who can’t wait to show all that it learned and experienced today. The sound of the door key announces the return of the loved family man.

The wings open wide and the chest puffs up as the happy black ball of fluff sees its papa. The wait has paid off and the cutes exchange of affection begins.

Truffles proud dad comes near for some cuddles and it answers with Pixar-worthy Happy Feet dance and a bunch of pecks on papa’s checks. Now you know why a kiss is also called a peck.

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Beautiful black chicken gets excited when daddy comes home