Beautiful cockatoo loses his temper at his owner. What he does next? I can’t stop laughing!

Right now the most popular type of video that people look up are animal videos. We all are guilty of looking up animal videos simply because they make us happy. No matter how bad we are having if we watch an animal video we know that we will be smiling and that our day will definitely get better just from seeing their crazy and cute antics.

Well for the most part people tend to look up cat and dog videos, simply because they are the most popular pets that people have nowadays. But there is one animal that is making a dramatic comeback and is quickly becoming one of the more favorite videos for people to watch. What animal are we talking about? Birds!

Parrots to be exact. This video is of a Cockatoo who is not a happy camper. We can’t tell if whoever he is looking at is making him angry or scared. This video is just one of many from this subscriber so don’t worry this little birdie is doing just fine!

At first this little bird seems extremely angry, yelling, hissing and flaring its feathers but then it starts to look like he is scared. He starts to back away and seems to be looking for somewhere to hide. Don’t worry these two have made up and are on good terms now, we know not to mess with this bird though!

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