This Beautiful Father-Daughter Performance Will Give You The Warm And Fuzzies.

Life is really all about learning how to enjoy the little things.  This could be a simple sunrise or maybe a rainbow. Perhaps it’s just a cup of coffee that hits the spot. It could also mean coming across an adorable video of a toddler that has gone absolutely viral.

I hope that you are ready to go “awwww.” There is no way around it because this video clip will touch the toughest soul out there. It’s a cover of a song from the popular animated film Toy Story called “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” by Randy Newmann done by a father and his toddler daughter. Usually, when you hear that you can expect to hear a performance that is adorable but it’s out of time, off pitch and funny.  Well, be prepared to be blown away because that is not the case here.

Father-daughter duo David Crosby and Claire Ryann recently made this video of them singing together and it has taken the internet by storm.  You will notice that David starts the song off by singing the first verse while Claire waits very patiently for her moment to shine. Shine she does in the second verse when she takes over, blows you away, and leaves you wanting more!

The internet could not be happier about this father-daughter discovery of shared musical talent. David said that the idea came to him when Claire insisted on singing out loudly at a gas station.  We are all really happy that David found a way to get the performance in front of a camera.

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