This Beautiful German shepherd Was Cruelly Ditched and Left to Starve. When Someone Finally Finds Her, Could You Imagine? This Left Me Too Emotional!

Passersby gawked at this poor, filthy bundle of love. The effects of long-term starvation are never a pretty sight. This is the content of the sample done by two collaborating animal welfare groups. At first glance, Anna seems pretty beat up, shaking slightly with the cold winter wind. Dirt and food cover her coat and mouth, even her paws. How does a defenseless animal get this way? What kind of sick people are leaving their dogs out in the middle of winter?

Anna did not come from the happiest home. She was abused and eventually left to rot. This inhuman action left poor sweet Anna fending for her life on the cold streets and alleys. Struggling to find food, shelter, and kindness no matter where she went. Hopelessly lost unable to find food or shelter this sad dog starts to eat the only thing he can find- a pinecone.

Drivers pass and see the mangy dog, eyes weary and full of love. Anna stumbles in and out of traffic, almost walking into the path of an oncoming SUV. Luckily, she guides herself back to the sidewalk, to find a plate of food. A kind soul has taken mercy on this poor sweet angel. Cautiously Anna approaches this delicious gift, her wits heightened and alert. The gentle Samaritan reached out, trying to pet the nervous hound. Anna retreats immediately, curling up slightly.

She rushes back for the free meal and is left to eat in peace. She sure was hungry; the meal was gone in seconds! With her belly now calmed for the first time in days, she begins to relax a bit. With every second that passes this adorable pup feels heavier and heavier. The chef gently ties a leash around Anna’s gaunt neck. Her fur makes her look wider than she is for sure. Just when Anna had everything going for her, right as the car down opened she freaked out! I was astonished by Anna’s determination, very impressive. What are your thoughts? We would love to hear from you, please leave a comment in the box below!

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