This Beautiful Horse Gave Birth To Rare Twin Foals, And Then This Happened Four Days Later

Belgian draft horses are one of the strongest of the heavy breed horses and they can become quite huge compared to other breeds. They are huge in size, stunning to look at, and very serene in nature, which actually makes them really wonderful pets in spite of their size. This video features an adorable family of Belgian horses. Lisa and Fien are twins that were born just four days before this incredible video was recorded. Twin foals is extremely rare in the horse world, and it is even more rare that both survive, even with human intervention. You are going to melt when you see them together with their proud mom!

They are happily playing in the pasture in this clip. They are joined by a little girl at one point, proving that they in fact deserve the name of gentle giants. The girl is really small compared to the horses, but she has no problem going up to them and showering them with her love. Horses have an innate sense of responsibility when it comes to children and they know to be gentle around them. As you can see, the horses don’t mind the attention either!

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