This Beautiful Horse Has A Mesmerizing Gallop! She Is As Elegant As A Dancer!

Horses are extremely elegant and calming creatures. They are fascinating and proof of this is that they are even used to help with therapy for veterans that are plagued with PTSD. The following video illustrates an example of these animals’ magnificence. The owners of a gorgeous black Arabian horse decided to record her playing around in the family barn. It was a lovely sight to behold!

This lovely black horse is leisurely trotting, but keep your eyes trained on her legs, she’s has definitely mastered the art of gliding through the air! She moves so effortlessly. It’s as if she’s a graceful ballerina prancing around the entire arena with such finesse. I wish I had a quarter of her elegance, maybe I wouldn’t trip so much!

If you ever watch the movie Hidalgo you are probably familiar with this horse’s breed. Arabian horses are well known for their graceful nature and showmanship. They are one of the most recognizable horse breeds, and they have been in existence for over four thousand years.

Take a look at the video below and prepare to be astounded and maybe a bit envious of this horse’s grace!

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