Beautiful Lewis Capaldi Ballad Earns Brooke Four Chair Turns

Sir Tom Jones was taken aback by the soulful voice of Brooke Scullion as she sang an impressive rendition of the Lewis Capaldi hit. ‘Bruises’ has never sounded as beautiful as this young emerging artist’s heavenly arrangement. She couldn’t have hoped for a blind audition as she stepped onto the stage of The Voice UK.

Yet, he wasn’t the only esteemed coach to seek her support. All the coaches turned, with the whole panel believing that she deserved a place in the competition. Will was the very first to turn, with Meghan Trainor just behind him. It took a while longer before Danny had decided she was perfect, with Sir Tom Jones following in quick succession.

This emerging superstar from Derry performed one of the best renditions of ‘Bruises’ from Lewis Capaldi ever heard. The Voice UK was rewarded with a blind audition that none of the coaches could ignore, and a unique showing of talent that highlight Brooke’s natural born power, range, and emotion in every bar.