Beautiful Macaw cuddles with her injured dad in this heartwarming video

“Daddy!” is the caption that we first see. Below it, there is a beautiful Macaw, centered in the video frame, standing on top of the wooden floor. The bird’s name is Valentine.

Valentine was raised alongside her avian siblings by @johandevenier, who gave them cuddles every morning while they were growing up. Her siblings have since grown out of the morning cuddling routine, but Valentine still requires cuddles to start her day off right.

Unfortunately, her dad is stuck in bed. Having recently injured himself, he’s currently on bed rest. However, Valentine is determined to get some cuddling in, so she decides to take the proactive approach.

We see Valentine walking through the hallway, with the caption “Where’s my daddy?” displayed above her in the video. She makes it to the bedroom, where her dad is still in bed.

“Good morning daddy!” The second she sees him, Valentine takes flight. Captured perfectly in slow-motion, we see the loving Macaw fly up to her owner, landing effortlessly in his lap.

Dad reaches out to Valentine, giving her a quick pet before picking her up and bringing her close for cuddles. The camera zooms in on the pair, who are now nuzzling faces.

Valentine seems to love cuddling with her daddy; she even lets him pull her under the blanket. These morning activities are common between dogs and their owners, but we rarely see it happen with birds & their parents. The video is not only adorable, but it also proves something: the bond between parents and pet is unbreakable, no matter the species.


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♬ Can’t Help Falling in Love – Haley Reinhart

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Beautiful Macaw cuddles with her injured dad in this heartwarming video