Beauty and simplicity mark this tiny home

This incredible home set in the middle of the New Zealand landscape is the perfect getaway for vacationers in the area.

Anyone traveling to New Zealand will want to take in the glorious sights of one of the planet’s most beautiful countries, and that is now possible with this gorgeous tiny home.

Designed specifically to offer 360 views of the surrounding landscape, this cabin is available for rent on the popular vacation home site Airbnb.

The cabin features striking exteriors with black wood planks and orange accents, and the exterior landscape is both beautiful and useful, featuring an outdoor hot tub.

Visitors will love the luxurious interior, which offers the perfect sanctuary for someone who is looking to get away from it all.

Of course, the main draw is the outside, with unobstructed views for miles and access to the awe-inspiring New Zealand night sky. Count the stars at this incredible tiny home oasis.

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Beauty and simplicity mark this tiny home