Beauty “brush guru” shares his foundation technique for flawless skin

Makeup artist Wayne Goss from Cardiff, Wales, is also known as Brush Guru for his fantastic makeup skills. He has millions of followers worldwide, wanting to learn new techniques for improving looks with realistic makeup. Recently, he came up with a video tutorial on how to apply foundation like a pro.

Men & women, who love to put on makeup, wait for his video updates online. Wayne is known for giving beauty tips, makeup tutorials, and reviews about anything related to skincare and makeup. Wayne uses himself as a model in most of his tutorials. In this video, he shares his foundation application techniques with his fans and followers.

The first thing Wayne talks about is his oily skin type. Based on the skin type, the makeup steps are different. If you have oily skin, it is better to use a primer instead of a moisturizer. The reason being moisturizer gives a heavy look to the skin. If you are looking for heavy coverage, you can use a moisturizer.

Wayne uses the brush (No. 13) to apply the foundation cream onto his skin. First, he applies dots of the product onto the skin, then he buffs the foundation on his forehead, cheeks & whole face. Finally, he suggests that people with very dry skin should use a sponge to apply the foundation on their face.

He diligently works the foundation on specific areas of his face to give an even look. Wayne states that he prefers the skin to look pretty realistic and does not want to get a lot of coverage of the product on his skin.

Wayne says that if the center of your face looks flawless, the rest of the face automatically starts to look perfect. After applying the foundation with the brush, Wayne takes a dry makeup sponge and lightly dabs the skin with it.

Then Wayne takes a tissue, wraps it on the sponge, and again lightly dabs it on the skin over the eyelids, just to remove the excess oil from the foundation. He then adds a bit of concealer onto the inner corners of the eye and adds some puff and powder as it helps the makeup last longer. After using the blusher to add color to his face, Wayne pats and presses the sponge on the oily areas. He states that makeup needs maintenance during the day and that no makeup lasts throughout the day.

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